WATCH: Where Is Dan Rather When You Need Him? Rachel Maddow Shows Us What We Have Been Missing (VIDEO)

Rather made an appearance on the Rachel Maddow show, and took the opportunity to tell it like it is vis a vis Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and the rest of the hatemongering presidential candidates. Never one to mince words, Rather said that Donald Trump’s campaign style has rocked the Republican Party to its core, with his bombast, racist rhetoric and I-don’t-care attitude.

We need to see clearly what’s happening here,” he told MSNBC host Rachel Maddow. “Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and the like, they’re confusing the bully pulpit with the BS pulpit. I’m convinced that both Trump and Ted Cruz — not limited to them in the Republican Party — believe that if you can’t convince people with substance, then you blind them with BS. And with Trump, it’s worked fairly well.

That’s Rather-speak for the masses are a bunch of sheep and too ignorant to see these clowns for who and what they are.

While Rather refused to agree with Maddow and call The Donald and out-and-out Fascist, he did liken Trump’s campaign to those of Huey Long, George Wallace and Barry Goldwater in their racist and inflammatory tendencies.

He’s in that line. We’ve not been — as a people, as a country, as a society — in this territory before.

Rather agreed that the Republican Party is shaking in its boots over a possible Trump nomination, and equally scared of the likelihood of Trump running as an independent if he doesn’t receive the GOP’s nomination.

They’re walking on eggshells, to use the cliche. And frankly they don’t know what to do. They don’t know whether to howl at the moon or check their emails. They just simply don’t know what to do about him.

The Republican Party is at a proverbial crossroads, caught between Teabilly idiots and racist bigots (who are sometimes one and the same). No matter the outcome of the Republican convention, it is incumbent upon us to make sure that whoever their nominee turns out to be, that person WILL NOT reach the White House.

The future of this country depends upon it.

The video is not a short one … about 7 minutes … but it’s definitely worth viewing.

Featured image courtesy of screen shot.


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