WATCH: The ‘Welfairy Queen’ Destroys Kansas And Missouri’s New Restrictions On Poor People (VIDEO)

Larry Wilmore is carving out quite a niche for himself on his new program, “The Nightly Show,” which replaced Stephen Colbert’s Comedy Central staple recently. Last night he took the comedy to new heights.

Meet “The Welfairy Queen.” Wilmore’s mini guest is the personification of the right wing mind. An imaginary being made real due to the strength of their fears. Larry and the queen do an excellent job skewering both Kansas and Missouri’s new welfare restrictions and trickle down policies, particularly in Kansas.

These policies have left the state so poor it can’t keep their schools open for the minimum required days due to crushing debts and a lack of revenue after massive tax cuts for the rich. Larry goes through the laundry list of items now banned. Items and restrictions covered in previous IYON articles in recent weeks. Things from steak and seafood to cruise ships and tattoo parlors. he also points out several problems with Kansas’s new 25 dollar per day withdrawal limit. And it’s all hilarious!

Watch it HERE:

Later on, Larry’s panel segment talk more about the new restrictions. Some of the conversation is funny, some of it poignant. THey even play a little game where the panelists try to guess the cost of certain common items. It’s worth checking out as well.

Watch it HERE:

With more segments like this, Larry Wilmore and The Nightly Show should have a very good run on Comedy Central. Great stuff. Share this with the right winger who imagines welfare queens everywhere in your life.

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