WATCH: Was Tim Allen Attacking The President In This Clip? Or Was He Skewering Republicans? (VIDEO)


It has been said that “conservative comedy” is an oxymoron. Let’s face it, conservatives are at their funniest when trying to be absolutely serious. When they try to do comedy, they are usually a dismal failure.

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One of the few funny Republicans is Tim Allen, who has a show, now in its fifth season on ABC called Last Man Standing. Allen, who according to People supports relatively normal Republican, Ohio Governor John Kasich, for president, said before the start of the show’s new season that it was going to go political. In particular, Allen said that the show was going to go after Hillary Clinton. Allen told Fox News back in August:

We’re going to drill Hillary. It will be horrible personally if Hillary continued [to lead the Democrats], but it will be great for the storyline if she continues.

When Last Man Standing featured a show that was almost entirely devoted to skewering Clinton, conservatives fell in loveBizpac Review called it “the show every conservative should be watching.”

Allen may be a Republican, and his politics may be to the right of center, but he doesn’t appear to be a nut. For example, he doesn’t support Donald Trump. He told People:

I sat with a group of liberal Jewish guys who said, ‘When Trump starts to make sense, we know the world is upside down.’

Allen says he won’t support Trump until he “see[s] what’s under the hair.”

Given all of that, just who was Tim Allen taking a jab at when Jay Leno made a cameo appearance on Last Man Standing? Was it President Obama, as some conservative sites are claiming? Or was he making fun of the lunatics who have taken over the Republican party?

Here’s the setup. Car enthusiast Leno plays “Joe the mechanic,” whose garage has a pit for doing oil changes. Allen’s character Mike Baxter visits “Joe’s” garage, and when he sees the pit he whines, “You have a pit! I’ve always wanted a pit!” Then he adds, “You can’t have a pit these days because of zoning laws. Obama!”

Leno’s reply mockingly makes fun of the right-wing-nut-jobs who were convinced that the recently concluded Jade Helm exercises were somehow an attempt to take over Texas.

This is why conservatives don’t do comedy. They don’t understand it at all. Bizpac Review declares “Jay Leno, Tim Allen SLAM Obama together on hot conservative sitcom ‘Last Man Standing’.” Did they? Or did they just make fun of the readers of sites like Bizpac Review?

Here’s the brief exchange, via YouTube. What do you think? Were Allen and Leno making fun of President Obama, or were they jabbing conservatives, who are too stupid to realize that they were the targets?

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