WATCH: Vt. Republican State Senator Jailed For Sexual Assault Against 3 Women (Video)

Here we go again with another leader of the “family values” party, also known as the GOP, getting in trouble on sex related charges.

Last Week, Vermont State Senator Norman McAllister (R-Franklin) was arrested and jailed on multiple charges that included sexual assault, human trafficking, and prohibited acts. Details within the allegations suggestion the senator was willing to accept sex in lieu of rent.

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After failing to post a bond, Judge Alison Arms ordered McAllister to be  jailed at the Northwest State Correctional Facility in St. Albans. Perhaps not collecting the actual rent left the senator a little short on cash?

It is now reported that McAllister has since bonded out of the correctional facility and is free.

The 63-year-old senator was arraigned on Friday in Vermont Superior Court in St. Albans. He pleaded not guilty to all charges which were modified from the original charges above to three counts of Prohibited Acts Linked to Prostitution and three counts of felony Sexual Assault. After the court appearance on Friday, McAllister did not make any statements to reporters, but his attorney did make a brief statement,

We have a very much different version of events,” McArthur said. “We ask people not make any rush to judgment, and I hope in short order, our side of things will come to light.

Court documents allege McAllister proposed that a woman exchange sexual acts to pay rent owed by the woman’s son. Two other victims, whom court documents state work on McAllister’s farm, said the senator engaged them in sexual acts without consent. All three women came forward last week to report what prosecutors call a “pattern of behavior” and not just an isolated incident. Jim Hughes the State’s Attorney prosecuting the case said,

It has come to light that since late 2012, there’s been, we are alleging, a pattern of this behavior.”

Court papers also stated McAllister asked one of the victims to travel to other farms to perform sex acts on other farm workers, also in exchange for rent. The papers said that victim declined the offer.

During the case McAllister will be allowed to retain his seat.

According to WDTN,  the allegations have other Vermont lawmakers saying they are “extremely concerned.”  But they also insist the court process must play out before they can pass judgment.

Check out this local report on the case HERE:


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