Watch: Video Reveals Just How Hilariously Reluctant Republicans Are To Endorse Ted Cruz

Fox’s Red Eye panel discussed political endorsements on Saturday, covering the hilarious fact that though Cruz is getting endorsed, those endorsements sound like kids saying thank you for getting underwear on Christmas morning.

You know that a party is scraping the bottom of the barrel when the actual candidate endorsements, usually done enthusiastically and with great pride in the endorsee, strongly resemble coerced statements made by political prisoners.

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The state of the GOP, on the brink of collapse, is forcing the big names to choose a candidate in very unorthodox ways. Not by qualifications, not by party values, not by electability, not because they desire to see them in office, but simply by self-preservation and the hope they can stem the bleeding for the heavily wounded Republican establishment.

This is how Ted Cruz is getting his GOP “endorsements,” and that has to burn for a man that has been raised to be an “anointed king.”

Of course with Cruz’s plastic expression, it would be hard to tell if he is bothered by the lackluster nature of said endorsements. By “lackluster” I mean that Lindsey Graham, a big name in GOP circles, actually said that if he could bring himself to support Cruz, “anybody can do it.” What was the glowing statement of qualifications that was made during the endorsement? “He would not destroy our party.” 

He is a real Republican from the more ideological spectrum than I am, but he would not destroy our party.

Yes, Trump is probably going to destroy the GOP, and if he wins, it becomes definitely. So perhaps this is why these “endorsements”appear to be coerced. They are being forced by Trump’s upset bid for the nomination to literally choose the lesser of two evils right before America’s eyes. That is not an endorsement, it is a scream of desperation.

Watch Red Eyes’ panel’s meandering discussion here, courtesy of YouTube:


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