WATCH: Video Brilliantly Mocks The NRA’s Tired Excuses For Why Civilians Need Assault Rifles

Sometimes discussing reasonable gun control measures with a gun nut is like reasoning with a 2-year-old. That’s why it can be useful to go back to basics and use a puppet.

The tragic deaths of 49 innocent victims in an LGBT nightclub in Orlando, Florida on Sunday, marked the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history. As usual, the debate over gun control measures continues to inflame tempers and divide the American public.

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In 2013, a “responsible” gun owner was murdered by her son, who then went on a rampage killing 20 kindergartners and six adults at an elementary school using an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle. That incident should have been the end of the gun debate. It should have been the moment where the American people demanded that every AR-15 be melted down and destroyed. America’s hatred of senseless murder and love of life should have prevailed over selfishness.

Instead, while the debate raged on for a few weeks, in the end, nothing was really accomplished except the increase of the gun industry’s bottom line.

This week we’ve again seen an increase in gun sales as paranoid gun owners rush to their nearest gun store to buy as many AR-15 rifles as their bank accounts can afford them. In fact, after the most recent mass shooting, sales for AR-15 rifles skyrocketed.  At least one gun store in Pennsylvania reported that it sold 15,000 units since Sunday’s attack.

Many Americans have a difficult time understanding why someone would want to be in possession of a weapon used in so many horrific mass shootings. So YouTube star, Professor Puppet felt it would be educational to explain the top five reasons why people feel compelled to purchase an assault weapon.

The professor begins by brilliantly defusing the predictable techniques many pro-gun advocates use such as “strawman” and “ad hominem” arguments, before making the NRA foam from their mouth in outrage. Check it out.

Featured image screengrab via YouTube.

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