Watch Trump’s Kid Try To Convince Working People That His Billionaire Dad Is Blue Collar (VIDEO)

Hoodwinking the lower and middle classes to vote against their economic self-interests is a time-honored tradition among conservatives, typically buttressed by the threat of gays and Mexicans. Worse yet, gay Mexicans. But a creepy and unsettling theme animating Donald Trump’s presidential campaign (besides Donald himself) is economic populism, which is made even worse by the fact that he previously said wages are too high.

Donald Trump is to economic populism what bowling is to athlete. That the king of exploiting cheap labor to make gaudy hotels would even feign interest is so glaringly bad it gives you cancer.

In any case, it seems the apple doesn’t far fall from the bloviating a-hole tree. I’m referring, of course, to Donald Trump’s cartoon villain looking oldest son. At a caucus location in West Des Moines, Iowa on Monday night, Donald Trump’s oldest son had the golden chandelier b*lls to convince voters that his billionaire dad is actually an “ordinary American” and a “blue collar guy.” Indeed, every plumber and construction worker flies to a job site on their own private jet or helicopter, wearing a $3000 dollar suit.

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Republicans have been doing this type of crap since Ronald Reagan, but the fact that Donald Trump and kin are trying to serve this horsesh*t on a silver platter is beyond all recognition.

Featured image via screen capture

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