WATCH: Trump’s Campaign Manager Implodes Live On CNN, Can’t Stop Ranting About Hillary

Kellyanne Conway has the hardest job in the world and it looks like the pressure is taking its toll. Tasked with making Donald Trump acceptable to people without swastika tattoos, Conway has to evade every single question about Donald Trump and somehow make it about Clinton.

It sounds easy enough, but Tuesday morning, Conway demonstrated just how hard it is as she crumbled under the not particularly intense questioning of CNN’s Alisyn Camerota. Camerota was asking about Trump’s taxes and his alleged charitable donations and Conway’s evasions were about as elegant as a ballerina with lead weights attached to her ankles:

Camerota noted that Trump had refused to release his tax returns because he was being audited, and asked the campaign manager if she would provide a letter from the IRS to prove he was under audit.

“I don’t know,” Conway shrugged. “Why? Are you calling him a liar?”

“And we’re taking Hillary Clinton’s word for she was ‘overheated’,” she added. “I mean, seriously, we’re running against a Clinton and we’re going to challenge someone’s veracity?”

THUNK! This interview was a full two days after Hillary’s campaign announced that she was fighting off a bout of pneumonia.

When pressed about Trump’s constant claims of generosity, Conway tried to flip the script and faceplanted:

“Donald Trump has been incredibly generous over the course of his life with his own money and his foundation’s money, which is his money,” Conway insisted.

“No,” Camerota replied. “The foundation’s money are other people who contributed to his foundation.”

“Okay,” Conway scoffed. “Are we going to actually question that Hillary Clinton and her husband made almost a quarter of a billion dollars and we’re supposed to just question — and that’s okay?”

SPLAT! Considering that the Clinton’s have released all of their tax returns going back decades and the Clinton Foundation is one of the most transparent charities in the world, this was a nonsensical response on every conceivable level.

Conway then tries to change the topic to Hillary’s “basket of deplorables” comment but to her credit, Camerota ignores it and continues to discuss Trump’s taxes at which point Conway can’t take it anymore:

“I doubted it,” Conway said dismissively. “This is like badgering. In other words, I don’t see it as journalism. I see it as badgering.

Because when you’re entire job is to lie lie lie and then move on to a new lie the second people start questioning the old ones, being held accountable would actually feel like badgering. But even as a part of the media seems dedicated to giving Trump a pass so they can take their long-awaited shot at Hillary, another part of it seems to be completely fed up with the constant bullshit from the Trump campaign and they’re taking their shot. And it’s causing Trump’s puppets to throw a hissy fit.

Watch Conway’s entire humiliated performance here:

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