Watch Trump Try To Worm His Way Out Of Apologizing For Being A Birther (VIDEO)

Donald Trump does not want you to remember this.

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Or this.

And especially not this.

That was then, this is now. Where is Trump on Obama’s birth certificate today? According to him, he still can’t say one way or the other. Despite Obama having released his long-form birth certificate, which Trump was sure would prove he was a foreigner, Trump has not and will not apologize for his patently racist, openly opportunistic attempts to stir up the birther movement. Nor will he admit he was wrong to do so.

In a disastrous interview with an ABC affiliate in Detroit, Trump was pressed on his birtherism. His reaction was to refuse to speak about it at all.

The exchange was cringeworthy:

Reporter: Do you regret bringing it up?

Trump: I don’t talk about it any more. I don’t talk about it any more.

Reporter: But do you regret bringing it up?

Trump: I told you I don’t talk about it any more.

No apology. No explanation. He just doesn’t “talk about it any more.”

In this way, we see what Donald Trump really is. Not just a huckster or a conspiracy nut, he’s also a coward. In 2011, when he hoped to piggyback off of Fox News driven conservative hysteria over Obama’s birth certificate, he had no qualms with exploiting it for his own gain. Now that the issue is dead and buried, he can’t even muster the decency to apologize for being one of its main cheerleaders, because doing so would require him to look his fans in the eyes and tell them that their racist conspiracy theory about Obama was so incredibly stupid that a guy like Trump was able to use it as a blunt instrument to cudgel his way into the Republican Party.

For Fox viewers who are used to hearing exactly what they want to hear, that would be a bitter pill to swallow. So Trump would rather not “talk about it any more” instead.

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