Watch Trump Tell This Voter Tough Sh*t, I’m Shipping Your Family Over The Border (VIDEO)

Republican candidate Donald Trump has catapulted to the front of the GOP presidential pack, largely due to his promise of immigration reform that involves rounding up undocumented immigrants and shipping out of the country.

A voter, concerned about members of her own family, asked Trump what his policies would mean for those she loved. The bigoted billionaire didn’t mince words and told her that yes, he would without a doubt have them deported.

The question came from Republican voter, Jamie Eckman:

My relative is a natural-born American in the military, deployed in Oman. His father and stepmother are undocumented citizens here in the — undocumented people here in the United States for the last 25 years without any way of adjusting their status. If you’re president, what will you do for those members that are the fabric of our country, that have been here for 25 years undocumented? Won’t they be deported?

Trump began by using the chance to slam his competition for the White House, Ted Cruz, for being a “natural born citizen” from Canada. Once Eckman assured him that she wasn’t a supporter of the Texas senator, the Republican frontrunner addressed her question. Trump’s answer basically amounted to “if you vote for me, kiss their illegal butts goodbye.”

They’ve been here how many years? We’re going to do something. For people that have been — look, we’re either going to have a country or we’re not going to have a country. But many people are very fine people. and I’m sure these are very, very fine people. They’re going to go, and we’re going to create a path where we can get them into this country legally, okay? But it has to be done legally.

Eckman sought even more clarification from the real-estate mogul turned politician.”You’re going to deport them at first sight, right?” she asked. Once again, Trump told her that she should start saying her goodbyes because her relatives’ days in the United States are numbered if the narcissistic oompa loompa gets elected.

They’re going to go, and then come back and come back legally. We have wonderful people. It’s too tough to say you’ll never come back again. They’re coming back, but they’re coming back into our country legally. so important. Now, that might not be the perfect answer for you.

Trump’s stance on immigration is crystal clear, but what isn’t clear at all is just why this woman would ever consider voting for the bigoted frontrunner, or any Republican for that matter, considering what their policies would mean for her and her family.

Watch Trump tell this concerned voter that he will deport her loved ones here:

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