WATCH: Trump-Supporting Lyft Driver Flips Out On Passengers, Calls Muslims ‘Pieces Of Sh*t’ (VIDEO)

A driver for the ride-sharing service Lyft is out of a job, after going on a profanity-filled tirade against Muslims to his passengers.

Salt Lake City’s Fox13 reports that the driver, identified as “Dave,” picked up passengers Samuel Grenny and his girlfriend, who were on their way to a Bernie Sanders rally. That apparently ticked Dave off, and Grenny said that the driver became hostile and even threatened him with physical violence.

Thanks to cell phone cameras we live in a “post-plausible deniability” world, so much of the exchange between Grenny and the driver was captured on camera by Grenny’s girlfriend. Dave eventually pulled over to the curb and kicked his passengers out short of their destination.

Grenny, who works for the Utah chapter of Millennials For Bernie Sanders, described exactly what happened in a Facebook post.

Grenny Facebook post

One of Grenny’s friends discovered that Dave has created a Facebook account for the purpose of defending himself. He thinks that Fox 13 didn’t do a very good job with the story. Apparently not because they showed the video of him calling Muslims “pieces of shit,” but because he wants it to be known that he has read a few books.

Dave post

Note that when given the chance to tell his side of the story, Dave doesn’t respond. Unless he considers saying “I am…very American” an appropriate response.

Grenny notified Lyft of the incident, and the company responded swiftly, telling him that the driver’s access to their service had been “permanently removed.” Grenny thinks that was a good idea, saying,

If he goes and picks up a Muslim who is in full garb, does he not pick them up, is he rude and horrible to them? I don’t think there is a place for someone in the service industry who can’t treat all humans fairly.

Here’s a report, including the video captured by Grenny’s girlfriend, from Fox13:

Featured image via video screen capture

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