WATCH: Trump Supporter Goes Completely Insane Live ON CNN – ‘Obama Lies To Me On My TV!” (VIDEO)

Donald Trump has had incredible success in the Republican presidential primary. All polls show him crushing his closest competitors, and no matter what he says or how offensive it is, he just keeps getting stronger. This begs the question, “Who exactly are these supporters that keep feeding his fire?” Now we have our answer.

A Trump supporter was interviewed on CNN and answered the question of what kind of person is keeping this guy in the lead. The only words that can correctly describe the video you are about to see are “dangerous” and “creepy”.

Below you will see a video clip of the exchange. It really is difficult to properly capture the spirit of the exchange with mere words. During her statement, the person says with a wild-eyed excitement that Donald knows what she is thinking. Trump’s entire campaign is based on racist and bigoted hate speech. It’s so bad that other nations are considering banning him from traveling to them. This puts into context the idea that Trump can read this person’s mind and knows what she is thinking.

These people are one step away from installing a true fascist as President of the United States. That is worth remembering when election time comes.

Watch the full video of the craziness below:


Featured image via Twitter

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