WATCH: Trump Supporter Attacks Muslim Woman Outside D.C. Starbucks

Washington D.C. police are looking for a woman who attacked a Muslim woman as she sat outside a Starbucks on April 21. According to the victim, the attacker said that she was a supporter of Donald Trump.

The victim, who is not being identified, spoke to WJLA about the attack, saying that it happened in her own neighborhood, where she has lived for over six years. She says that she had stopped at the Starbucks outdoor cafe to send an email when the incident happened.

According to the woman, her assailant sat down near her and immediately began talking about her, calling her “f***ing Muslim trash” and saying that Muslims “all need to go back to where you came from.” She said that the woman then voiced her support for Trump, saying that if Trump is the Republican nominee she intends to vote for him so that he could send Muslims out of the country.

The Muslim woman said that the other woman seemed to be getting more angry as she spoke, which concerned her. She called 911 but when police arrived the officer told her that he couldn’t do anything since the woman had not physically confronted her. That soon changed.

As soon as the officer left, the woman began berating the victim again. Then she left briefly, came back, and poured some sort of liquid from a water bottle onto the victim’s head. The Muslim woman said that whatever was in the bottle didn’t burn her skin, but “it had a strange smell to it.”

Police have released security camera video taken from inside the Starbucks and are asking for help in locating the assailant. In the video, the woman appears to be yelling at the victim. Then she walks away and turns back toward her,  apparently still berating the Muslim woman. Next, she walks back to where the woman is sitting and can be seen pouring liquid from her water bottle over the victim’s head before striding away.

The first video below is the security camera video from the store. In the second one, the woman describes what happened to a reporter from WJLA.

Featured image via WJLA screen capture

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