Watch: Trump Spokeswoman Gets ANNIHILATED For Her ‘Borderline Asinine’ Lecture To Blacks

Donald Trump’s favorite bullet necklace wearing spokeswoman Katrina Pierson was on CNN Monday blaming the current tension between police and the black community on “a severe lack of leadership” within the black community.

These are actually symptoms of a much greater problem, which is a severe lack of leadership, not just in this country but in the black community,” Pierson said. “This has stemmed from irresponsibility at the executive level. You have a first black president who injects himself in local issues, particularly when it comes to police, and now we have this problem.

However, CNN Contributor Bakari Sellers didn’t hesitate to shut Trump’s clueless media puppet down hard.

I don’t really have any idea what Ms. Pierson’s talking about,” Sellers said. “To say that we don’t have any leadership in the African-American community or to say that we’re just some community walking around aimlessly trying to find or look for some Messiah, it’s just not the case.

Sellers later said that he couldn’t sit quietly and “let Katrina’s statements, which were borderline asinine, go unchecked.”

Toward the end of the segment, Pierson asked Sellers how Bill and Hillary Clinton’s mass incarceration policies were working out for him?

Seller’s confused indignation was as visible as it was understandable. Sellers responded, “Working out for me!?!”

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Pierson, as well as other Trump puppets, are only promoting the populist conservative talking points that Trump voters want to hear. The hard truth that conservatives who hate Donald Trump fail to recognize is that he’s staying truer to the GOP platform than they care to admit. The billionaire is simply bypassing the racist dog whistles and going straight to the bullhorn.

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