WATCH: Trump Says Hillary Is Pandering To Women, All She Has Is ‘The Woman Card’ (VIDEO)

Donald Trump joined the gang at Fox and Friends for one of his patented telephone interviews on April 26. He talked to the crew on the curvy couch about a variety of things: how he is destroying his GOP presidential rivals, the fight against ISIS, and women.

Trump always comes across as misogynistic and condescending when talking about women – It almost seems like it’s part of his DNA. And this interview was no exception. He starts when host Anna Kooiman asks him about Hillary Clinton’s recent comment that half of her cabinet would be female. Kooiman goes to the most popular source of information for Fox News: “some people.” She asks Trump, “Some are accusing her of pandering to the women. What’s your thought on that?”

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Trump replies,

Well, I call her Crooked Hillary because she’s crooked and, you know, the only thing she’s got is the woman card. That’s all she’s got. And it is pandering. You know, it’s a weak card in her hand and in another person’s hands it could be a powerful card because I’d love to see a woman president, but she’s the wrong person. She’s a disaster.

After he says that the former First Lady, U.S. Senator and Secretary of State only has “the woman card,” Trump totally misremembers Clinton’s famous 2008 “3 a.m.” campaign commercial:

Remember the famous call at three o’clock in the morning? She was sleeping, ok? She was sleeping. It was her ad, ‘Who would you like at three o’clock in the morning?’ Well, the phone rang and she was sleeping.

As most people are at three a.m. That commercial wasn’t about sleep schedules, it was about who would answer that three a.m. call. In that ad you don’t even see Clinton until the very end, and when you do she is definitely not sleeping. But this Donald Trump after all, the man who appears to be on his way to setting the Politifact record for the most statements rated “Pants On Fire.”

Then Kooiman asks Trump if he would have women in his cabinet. “I would have women, I would have the most capable people in my cabinet,” he says. He doesn’t mention any names, but the only woman whose name has been floated for a cabinet post by Trump is Sarah Palin.

Host Steve Doocy, who has been sitting like an obedient schoolboy as his hero The Donald speaks, finally gets to ask Trump a question. Of course it’s a question of zero substance. In a voice dripping with sarcasm Doocy reads a quote from actress Lena Dunham, who, like many others has said she would move to Canada if Trump is elected. “What’s your message to her?” Doocy asks.

Trump says, “She’s a B actor, and has no mojo.” He goes on from there to attack Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie O’Donnell, who have also said they would leave the U.S. if President Trump becomes a reality. He never mentions any of the male personalities who have said similar things.

Despite his protestations that he “cherishes” women, every time Trump is asked about a woman who has been critical of him, he goes right after her on the basis of her gender. This could turn out to be his undoing, as a recent CNN/ORC poll found that nearly three in four female voters have a negative view of him. Women have turned out to vote in higher numbers than men in every presidential election since 1980, and they typically vote more Democratic.

Here is Trump’s interview with Fox and Friends:


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