WATCH: Trump Says He Understands Black People’s Anger Because He Has Been Treated Unfairly Too

A few years ago, a popular t-shirt among middle school students was one with this message: “It’s all about me.” That should become the official campaign slogan of one Donald J. Trump.

On July 12, Bill O’Reilly did a pre-recorded interview with Trump that aired on that evening’s O’Reilly Factor. The two talked about a variety of things, including whether or not The Donald had selected a running mate. But the most interesting segment of the conversation came when O’Reilly asked Trump some questions about race and racism in America.

O’Reilly gets the ball rolling by asking Trump if he thinks there is a problem between blacks and whites in the U.S. “Sadly, there would seem to be,” the former reality tv star responds. From there he claims (with zero evidence) that there have been calls for a moment of silence for the man who murdered five Dallas police officers, and segues into the obligatory attack on President Obama, who he calls the “divider in chief.”

He adds, “it [race relations] hasn’t been much worse at any time.” Apparently he slept through the 1960s.

Trump says that the country needs a cheerleader because we are lacking in spirit. Then O’Reilly asks this:

There are still some black Americans who believe that the system is biased against them — the American system. Because they’re black, they don’t get the same kind of shot, they don’t get the same kind of fairness that whites do. What do you say to them?

This is the exact moment that Trump should have broken out the “It’s all about me” t-shirt. He replies,

Well, I have been saying even against me the system is rigged when I ran as a, you know, for president, I mean, I could see what was going on with the system and the system is rigged.

Of course Trump isn’t talking about a socio-economic system that favors whites over blacks. He’s talking about the Republican party’s primary system. And because he thinks he was treated unfairly by the GOP, he believes he understands what black Americans go through, trying to make their way while dealing with prejudice and intolerance among those who hold the keys to their getting ahead. This is yet another example of what MSNBC’s Steve Benen calls Trump’s “narcissistic myopia.” No matter what the subject, no matter how far removed it is from his own personal experiences, Trump will reflect on it by making it about him.

It’s time for the presumptive nominee to change his favorite hashtag from #ImWithYou to #ItsAllAboutMe. At least the kids who wore that popular t-shirt were being honest.

Here are Trump’s comments on race, via Fox News:

Featured image via Mark Wilson/Getty Images

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