WATCH: Trump Lawyer’s Melt Down After CNN Host Points Out Trump Is Losing Breaks The Internet

It appears that Donald Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson just lost her title of being the most awkward CNN interview of a Trump surrogate.

The new title holder is Michael Cohen, special counsel for the Trump Organization.

During a CNN interview on Wednesday, host Brianna Keilar mentioned Trump’s new campaign additions and how they are being perceived as a major shake up, considering how poorly his candidate is doing in the polls.

However, Cohen’s reaction to the fact that polls show Trump losing the race made for a classic moment that will live on in internet infamy.

Keilar: You guys are down.

Cohen: Says who!

Kielar: Polls…most of them…all of them?

Cohen: Says who!

The exchange was punctuated by a couple of intensely awkward silences, in which Keilar would repeat the phrase, “Says who?” Keilar, with inhuman amounts of patience, explained to Cohen that nearly all the polls in America show Trump losing.

Here’s the video of their painful but hilarious exchange.

The ability of Trump’s attorney to play dumb as a rock might be exactly why the billionaire pays him the big bucks. Even Trump seems to recognize that he’s losing, proudly tweeting a poll that showed him losing to Clinton.

But can it get any better, you ask? The answer is yes.

It’s funny how the denial and spin coming from Trump’s campaign represent the most valid example of the Republican “trickle down” theory  that conservatives have ever managed to produce in the real world.

Featured image via YouTube

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