WATCH: Trump Just Made The Most Outlandish Accusation About Hillary Clinton Imaginable (VIDEO)

Donald Trump has a definite problem with honesty. Sometimes it’s unclear whether he’s making things up as he goes along or if he is truly stupid enough to believe the things he says. When he declared his candidacy he did it while claiming that Mexico was purposely sending us “its worst,” making sure all of the people coming across the border are rapists, thieves and drug dealers. Since that fateful day, he has only been outdone in the lie department by Ben Carson.

His latest comes at the expense of Hillary Clinton, who Trump fully expects to be facing in the general election next November. In an interview with Chris Wallace Sunday, Trump waved his arms wildly to imitate the former Secretary of State as he accused her of some pretty serious things. Trump says Clinton, with her policies in Libya, Egypt and other regions, is responsible for “hundreds of thousands of deaths.”

The claim is ridiculous. Chris Wallace had to ask for clarification. All he offered were more opinions and a big ol’ BENGHAZI! The entire thing is ridiculous, which is right in Donald Trump’s wheelhouse.


Watch Donald Trump make some wild accusations about Hillary Clinton below:

Featured image by Gage Skidmore


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