Watch: Trump Goes Full Birther on Ted Cruz, Calls Him A Canadian ‘Anchor Baby’ (VIDEO)

The Republican primary is increasingly looking as if it’s going to come down to Neo-Nazi Donald Trump and theocrat Ted Cruz. Trump is well aware of this (and he’s not the only one), and that’s why he’s going after Ted Cruz the only way he knows how: by turning the right-wing’s xenophobia against him.

Anchored in fantasy

Appealing to the hate, venom, jealousy, envy and entitlement deeply rooted in the White American psyche has been very profitable for Trump; so it’s no wonder he’s using the tool that managed to get him where he is today against his opponent, Ted Cruz.

Cruz and Trump are running a relatively close race, and Trump is looking for any chance he can get to put himself over Cruz — even if that means using the same sort of xenophobia and racism Cruz’s father used against Obama.

Trump has taken swings at Cruz’s nationality and birth status before, but he went full birther during a New Hampshire town hall meeting, accusing Cruz of being a Canadian “anchor bay.”

Ted Cruz is an anchor baby in Canada. But Canada doesn’t accept anchor babies.

Except Cruz isn’t an anchor baby. If one parent is Canadian, then the child is considered a Canadian citizen. Furthermore, jus soli is unrestricted in Canada. So yes, Donald, Canada does accept “anchor babies.”

Of course, Donald Trump probably couldn’t even find Canada on a labeled map of the Western Hemisphere, so we can’t really expect him to know their immigration policies. Hell, he doesn’t even understand American immigration policies, and he lives here.

Watch the video below:


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