WATCH Trump Go Full Stupid: ‘Good Chance’ He Would’ve Stopped 9/11–You’ll Love Why (VIDEO)

Donald Trump’s relentless attack on the Bush brothers doesn’t seem like it will be letting up anytime soon. Trump told Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday that while he doesn’t blame George Bush for 9/11, he resents the fact that Jeb keeps saying his brother “kept us safe.”

The sentiment is one of the few things Donald Trump has EVER said with which reasonable people can agree. George W. Bush most certainly did NOT keep us safe. 3000 people were killed on American soil in one day on his watch after he neglected to act on actionable intelligence that it was impending. Score one for Donald Trump.

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Unfortunately, he decided to take it one step further, declaring that had HE been president, there’s a “good chance” it never would have happened. Why? Because he hates Mexicans.

Yes, Donald Trump is so strict on immigration that he believes he could have thwarted a decade of planning and planting Al Qaeda cells…with tough immigration laws.

Any idiot could have said, “I would have looked at the intelligence and issued an executive order to the FAA that all cockpit doors were to be locked from the inside.” Nope. He would have denied anyone who wasn’t the perfect Trump-approved white Christian immigrant a student, work or vacation visa, making it impossible for anyone to pull off 9/11.

What is truly sad is now that he’s declared himself past-tense victorious against Osama Bin Laden. his poll numbers will probably surge…again.


Watch Donald Trump tell us why we would have been safe with him as president in 2001 below:

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