Watch Trump Get Called Out By A Protester: ‘You’re Putin’s B*tch!’

Donald Trump was heckled over his ties to Russia by a protester who had to be removed from one of his campaign stops in Florida.

Speaking in Kissimmee on Thursday, Trump was interrupted by a protester who shouted out that the Republican nominee is “Putin’s bitch.”

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You love Russia,” the man could be heard shouting. “You’re Putin’s b—-!

Trump looked at the man and smiled before smugly saying, “Goodbye.” You could see in Trump’s face that he was seething with rage. He turned a little redder than his normal orange hue and angrily tapped his fingers on the podium. The crowd cheered as security removed the man from the rally.

“Where the hell did he come from?” Trump asked.

Trump has been criticized for his ongoing bromance with Russian President Vladimir Putin and his recent suggestion that Russian hackers should release Hillary Clinton’s “missing” emails.

“I get a lot of heat over Russia. Wouldn’t it be nice if we actually got along with Russia?” Trump said later during the event.

Watch Trump get called out here:

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