Watch Trump Get Booed Outside Of His Polling Place In Terrible Start To His Election Day (VIDEO)

Donald Trump is not very popular in New York City. Obviously, he lives in his big tower with his name in gold on the city’s famed Fifth Avenue, but if the images of him walking into his polling place to vote for himself are any indication, what he thinks of himself isn’t what the people of New York City think of him.

As Trump went to vote with his wife Melania and daughter Ivanka, flanked by Secret Service agents, he was booed loudly by voters waiting in line. This isn’t surprising if you’ve lived in New York, as I have. It is always a blue state, and it is also extraordinarily accepting of all people. Trump, however, throughout his travesty of a campaign run on hatred, fear, ignorance, and bigotry, has shown himself to be the exact opposite of most New Yorkers.

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If this video is any indication, it seems that the start of Election Day does not bode well for how it will end for Trump and his hateful supporters.

Without further ado, watch the scene below:

Featured image via Alex Wong/Getty Images

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