WATCH: Trump Fan Tries Defending ‘Not Racist’ Confederate Flag To Black Politician – Fails So Hard

On Thursday, Trump loyalist and Confederate flag apologist, Kayleigh McEnany, debated South Carolina State Legislator Bakari Sellers (a Hillary Clinton supporter) over the Confederate flag issue.

Host Don Lemon played a video of Trump supporter Brandon Partin defending his use of the Confederate flag, stating that he didn’t think Trump would mind. Partin also said that most Americans don’t “understand the full history behind the flag.”

McEnany said that while she agreed with South Carolina’s decision to take down the Confederate flag because it’s offensive to “some people,” she stated that for “most people it doesn’t symbolize racism,” but rather “Southern pride.”

Sellers then promised to educate McEnany more off-camera about the history of the Confederate flag and called Partin’s version of history “ignorant.”

McEnany, in turn, attacked Sellers for labeling Confederate flag supporters as ignorant.

To call every person ignorant who has that flag, I think that is an ignorant statement in and of itself,” McEnany said.

Sellers then carefully explained to the Trump troll that he was specifically referring to Partin’s flawed account of Civil War history.

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For the die-hard “Heritage Not Racism” crowd who refuse to acknowledge the racist history behind the Confederate flag, there really isn’t anything you can say to convince them otherwise.

The Confederate flag we see today wasn’t even the one used during the Civil War; it was a popular “battle flag” used by specific regiments.

In 1948, the flag was resurrected by white college students at Ole Miss University in Mississippi to protest President Harry Truman’s anti-discrimination laws, which included Army desegregation and federal anti-lynching legislation.

The flag quickly became a symbol for the “Dixiecrats,” who stood in staunch opposition to any and all civil rights legislation. Over the next 30 years, the Dixiecrats eventually left the Democratic party and became Republicans after mutating into the “Religious Right.”

But it doesn’t appear that Trump has any problem with his supporters identifying his campaign with that flag, or any other racist symbols for that matter.

For a “non-racist” campaign, Trump and his supporters sure love defending racist things.

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