WATCH: Trump Brings Big New Problem To Marco Rubio’s Personal Credit Card Past (VIDEO)

Like everyone who wants to run for public office, they never do escape even the most forgotten and minuscule bits of their past. Marco Rubio now has a new huge problem with his sudden burst of popularity after the recent CNBC debate.

Rubio’s newest scandal centers on his use of a Florida Republican Party charge card, to pay for personal expenses for himself, among other allusions to miscellaneous personal finance problems.

Trump took a hard dig at Rubio, bringing up the issue during a press event where he was promoting his obligatory book about running for president:

For years, I’ve been hearing that (Rubio’s) credit cards are a disaster. He certainly lives above his means. You’ll understand it. Marco Rubio has a basic disaster on finance.

In 2010, Rubio was criticized for his use of an official party credit card for personal expenses, before he reimbursed the costs back to the Florida Republican Party. Rubio confirmed what had happened, and said “I recognize in hindsight, I would do it differently to avoid all this confusion. But the Republican Party never paid a single expense of mine.”

CNN also reported that according to the Tampa Bay Times, Rubio has not released information in regards to his use of the card, because he said the information is “not accurate.”

So we have personal use of official party finances, followed by a “reimbursement” of these funds only after getting caught doing it, then a refusal to disclose the details of the charges citing they are not accurate.

But wait a second, why would you pay off charges that were “not accurate” to the point where you refuse to disclose the list of them? Something is reeking with Rubio and it seems it will only get worse as he is inevitably pressed on the issue more by fellow Republicans looking to sabotage his campaign.

Watch Trump completely wreck Rubio over his financial discrepancies during his press event below:

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