WATCH: Trump Attacks Hillary With Outrageous Video Accusing Her Husband Of Sexual Assault

Somebody should remind Donald Trump, or his campaign strategists, that the year is 2016, not 1996, and he is running against Hillary Clinton, not her husband. Because the presumptive GOP nominee seems to think that he can turn people off to Mrs. Clinton by reminding them that some people think her husband was not to be trusted around women.

Trump has released a new video attack on the former president via Instagram. The video shows a black and white shot of the White House, while audio plays of two women, identified by The Hill as Kathleen Willey and Juanita Broaddrick, who have made accusations of sexual misconduct against Bill Clinton. As the video plays, an image of President Clinton smoking a cigar fades in, replacing the picture of the White House. It ends with a shot of the Clintons together, with the words “Here we go again?” as Hillary is heard laughing. The caption posted with the video says “Is Hillary really protecting women?”

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This video comes on the heels of Trump calling President Clinton a “rapist” just a few days ago. Prior to that he tweeted that Clinton was “the WORST abuser of woman [sic] in U.S. political history.”

Besides the ridiculous notion that Hillary should somehow be held responsible for her husband’s alleged misdeeds, there are other reasons why going after the former president may not be such a good idea. While Clinton was president, things were generally good in the country, and many people remember that. Unemployment dropped steadily throughout his term, and hit a low of 3.8 percent in April of 2000. Even though Clinton had a rabid group of detractors who dogged him throughout his presidency, most Americans disapproved of his impeachment. And during that impeachment, Clinton’s approval rating reached the highest point of his entire time in office. There’s also the possibility that bringing up the former president’s womanizing will serve to turn Hillary into a sympathetic figure for many.

Trump’s attacks on Bill Clinton will probably only resonate with those who already despise the man. They may also open up the reality TV showman to more questions about his own treatment of women. Some of that has already been brought to light, which is at least part of the reason for Trump’s recent jabs at the former president. But the whole notion that Hillary was somehow responsible for, or an enabler of Bill’s alleged conduct with women isn’t likely to win The Donald the support of many undecided voters.

Here’s Trump’s latest anti-Clinton attack, via Instagram:

Is Hillary really protecting women?

A video posted by Donald J. Trump (@realdonaldtrump) on

Featured image via Instagram screen capture

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