Watch: Trevor Noah Returns To Find Trump Waist High In Bullsh!t (VIDEO)

After a week off, Trevor Noah returns to try and catch up with Donald Trump’s train wreck of a presidential campaign. As you can see, Trump’s bullshit is even too much for a well-rested mind. The business tycoon who is clearly not fit to run our country has been busy lying and insulting everyone since his decision to join the presidential run- even during the holidays.

While playing a clip of Trump  distastefully mocking a New York Times reporter’s disabilities because shot down his claims about the Sept. 11, 2001, celebrations:

Wait, what? How, who, what? What did I miss? I went to the wrong — this is what I get for skipping episodes. Now I have to go back on my DVR and see how we got here.

Even after Thanksgiving, Trump still continued to defend his claims that Muslims were celebrating the in the streets of New Jersey after 9/11- without any evidence either. Why? Because he has a great memory and we should just trust him.

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It’s become obvious at this point to us sane folks that Trump’s heaping pile of lies is beginning to snowball. So much that Noah points out the obvious- even Trump can’t decipher his lies from the truth:

I think Trump is confusing cheering with screaming. I also think he’s confusing bullshit with the truth.


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