WATCH: Tough Guy Trump Turns Coward When Chris Matthews Throws His Birther Bullsh*t In His Face (VIDEO)

The sure way to expose a true bully, who is all talk and no action, is to confront them face to face. This happened when Chris Matthews blasted Trump after the recent Republican debate, calling him out on live TV for saying President Obama is not an actual American.

Trump has been talking non-stop about Obama’s birth certificate for nearly a decade. When he was confronted by someone who wouldn’t let him get away with his nonsense, he suddenly refused to answer the question.

Chris Matthews is a rather aggressive interviewer, especially when it comes to confronting a Republican who is spouting an opinion that is asinine or an outright lie. Nobody could have been a better pick to throw down with Donald on live tv.

Matthews asked directly, “Is Donald Trump honest when he says that Barack Obama is not a legitimate president?”

After a lot of stuttering and trying to change the subject, Trump took the cowards way out and refused to answer the question. He seemed to imply that he does not want to talk about it anymore, because once he mentions it nobody wants to talk about anything else.

Matthews did not let up though and kept pressing an increasingly uncomfortable and annoyed Trump until he surrendered and essentially declared the interview over. If Trump can’t stand up to Chris Matthews, how will he ever stand up to people like Vladimir Putin?

Watch Donald get cornered and cowardly in the clip below:

Featured image via video screen capture

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