Watch: ‘Tough Guy’ Trump FREAKS OUT Over Tiny Bug During Speech: “I Don’t Like Mosquitoes!” (VIDEO)

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has built a reputation and image of toughness. One of his main campaign promises is to return America to a place of “strength.” Trump argues that America isn’t respected and feared anymore because it’s become weak under previous administrations.

For example, here’s a Trump ad addressing the America’s military strength.

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So Trump’s reaction to a tiny invader during a campaign speech at a rally in Sharonville, Ohio on Wednesday night was a bit out of his “tough guy” character.

There was a mosquito. I don’t want mosquitos around me!” Trump exclaimed swatting at the bug.

Trump’s voice went a few octaves higher just before his small hand finally conquered his tiny enemy.

I don’t like mosquitos!” he screamed in an absurd voice. “I don’t like those mosquitos. I never did!

Trump tried to recover by lamely comparing Clinton to a mosquito. But it didn’t work; his man card was officially expired.

Twitter’s reaction wasn’t kind.

But the best tweet ever.

Trump is always questioning Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s strength and “stamina.” He’s also the same guy who likes to brag about having a concealed handgun and shooting people in the middle of Fifth Avenue. But when it comes to mosquitoes, Trump’s bravado mysteriously disappears. Perhaps Trump should consider a new campaign song? We have a great suggestion.

Featured image via YouTube screen capture

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