WATCH: Top Rand Paul Aide Does Something ‘Truly Disgusting’ To Liberal Group’s Camera (VIDEO)

You’ll never believe what Rand Paul’s senior political director in New Hampshire, David Chesley, did in order to keep a left-leaning opposition research group from video taping a town hall event. The group, American Bridge, known for being a Republican watchdog, will regularly tape town hall events as part of the normal reporting process. Mr. Chesley, for his part, did not like the fact that a liberal group was allowed to record one of his guys on stage, so he came up with a brilliant idea. (Actually, it wasn’t so brilliant as it was disgusting.)

Rand Paul’s most trusted director in the state decided to stand in front of the group’s camera, in order to obstruct their view and to mock them, kindergarten-style and all,  before doing something that is now shocking everybody — he proceeded to lick their camera, with a big smile on his face as he did it.

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We don’t know about you, but if this person weren’t such an important part of Mr. Paul’s campaign, we would not be showing you this nasty clip that is now making its rounds through the media.

Beware for Rand Paul's campaign to completely gross you out:

Featured image: via screen capture

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