Watch Tiffany Squirm Away From Trump’s Kiss In The Most Cringeworthy Moment Of The Debate (VIDEO)

Donald Trump has made revolting comments about sexually assaulting women and has also been known to be a little too “friendly” with his daughter Ivanka. These things combined explain the most cringeworthy moment of Sunday night’s second presidential debate.

Following the debate, Trump was greeting his family, soaking in all the congratulatory attention. He was surrounded by his children, including Tiffany, his nearly forgotten daughter. As she came up to him, he reached out and tried to plant a kiss on her, but she skillfully dodged him and squirmed away just in time.

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Trump was recently caught on tape saying that he tends to just “start kissing” beautiful women, whether they want him to or not. He also said that since he’s a “star” he can just “grab them by the p*ssy.” Previously, he said that his daughter Ivanka was so hot he would be dating her if she wasn’t his child and told Howard Stern that it was okay to refer to her as a “piece of ass.”

It is also worth noting that for some unknown reason, Tiffany was not seated with the rest of Trump’s children during the debate. If I were Tiffany, I would have dodged him too. Yuck!

Featured image via video screen capture

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