WATCH: Three Black Men Thrown Out Of Trump Rally, Even The Cops Don’t Know Why (VIDEO)

Donald Trump brought his clown show to the state fairgrounds in Harrington, Delaware on April 22. Compared to some Trump rallies, this one was mostly tame. The largely white crowd listened to the build-up, then cheered enthusiastically when Trump was introduced. There was at least one protest, according to Delaware Online, but it wasn’t disruptive. Police escorted those protesters — a young black woman and her Hispanic friend — off the property. Trump only paused briefly one time when a woman in the crowd appeared to have taken ill and was helped out of the building. It seemed to be typical Delaware — almost painfully polite.

But in the midst of all that politeness, a young black man named Chavezz Anderson and two of his friends got thrown out of the rally. Why, you ask? Nobody seems to know.

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Anderson posted a video of his experience on YouTube. The video begins as Anderson is asked to leave. Matching his video with the full video of the rally, this took place just as Trump ascended the podium to speak. Anderson is in the back of the crowd, far from the stage. When he asks why he has to leave, an unidentified voice can be heard saying “Because I said so.” Several Delaware State Police officers then escort Anderson off the property.

Anderson’s friend, Anwar Dyer, also posted a video of what happened to him. His video is much more telling. As it starts, a voice tells Dyer that he “didn’t give the right answers” to questions he was asked. Apparently one of those questions was “Are you a Trump supporter?” The voice belongs to a man later identified by Anderson as Eddie Deck, a former FBI agent who handles security for Trump. When Dyer asks a Delaware state trooper why he has to leave, the officer responds that he doesn’t know, that the situation was out of his hands. “It’s an FBI thing,” he tells Dyer.

Dyer asks Deck why he is being removed and the answer he gets is amazing. “You’re with them, they were asked several questions, and I didn’t like the answers,” Deck tells him.

Despite the name, the Delaware State Fairgrounds is private property. So Trump’s campaign was within their rights to have the men removed. But it’s interesting that nobody could give them a good reason why they were asked to leave. It is worth noting that the police, who were present in numbers, did not seem to be aware of anything disruptive that either Anderson or Dyer did.

The video posted by Anderson clearly shows that while he was escorted to the gate by a state trooper, at no time did police place their hands on him. Ditto with Dyer. If either had been involved in improper behavior, it seems reasonable to think that the police would have placed them under arrest. But they complied with the request to leave, and the police treated them properly, even though neither Anderson, Dyer, nor the officers involved seemed to know why the men were being removed from the rally.

Here are the videos posted by Chavezz Anderson and Anwar Dyer. Private property or not, do you think they should have been thrown out of the rally?
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Featured image via YouTube screen capture

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