WATCH: This Young Woman Humiliates Lindsey Graham Publicly For His War On Her Rights (VIDEO)

When this young woman and her friend spotted Lindsey Graham sitting in public doing an interview, they knew what they had to do. They had no choice but to have one film while the other interrupted the interview to find out if Senator Graham wanted to make their coffee choices for them.

It is absolutely perfect. A must-share 18 seconds of brilliance. Senator Graham, candidate for President and staunch pro-life religious zealot, believes that women need to be regulated, that their bodies belong to a bunch of rich white men from in Washington to use as pawns in a political game that keeps the right-wing extremist base energized. Without being able to see themselves as better than everyone else for supporting little fetuses and being morally superior to everyone else, they may have to focus on the actual agenda of the Republican party, which is to turn us all into indentured servants of the one percent at the top.

This woman’s approach is truly magnificent.

Watch this brilliant young woman humiliate Senator Lindsey Graham in public over women’s rights.


Featured image via screen capture

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