WATCH: This Woman’s Trump Makeover Is The Funniest Thing You Will See All Day (VIDEO)

Actress Tess Paras took to YouTube in a seriously funny video, where she uses makeup and Cheetos to transform herself into an imitation of America’s reality show fascist, Donald Trump.

The visual is pretty striking. In doing something obviously goofy and in a totally non-serious way, she actually ends up looking a hell of a lot like the orange orangutan of American politics. It’s pretty uncanny, especially how the Cheeto dust actually WORKS when she uses it! The process is called “Trumping.” Is this seriously a thing now? If it is, I personally can’t wait till more of these videos show up.

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But it isn’t all just for looks. Tess really lays down some seriously funny insults, jabs, and mockery as she imitates some of the more colorful and asinine comments Trump has made. It really is a must watch, and you’ll laugh like hell.

Watch Trump get an eerily accurate recreation with makeup and mockery below:

Featured image via video screen capture

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