WATCH: This Video Shows In Under A Minute Why Donald Trump Will Never Be President (VIDEO)

To a card-carrying Democrat — or any rational person — there is nothing more unsettling than the prospect of a Donald Trump presidency. Not only would an ignorant, misogynist bigot be running our country, he’d be nominating Supreme Court Justices and signing blank checks to the GOP to spend whatever they want however they want, which means pork, the military and corporate welfare.

So how do we assure that Donald Trump never sees the inside of the Oval Office without a visitor’s badge? Not much, according to electoral math. Democrats own 258 electoral votes before the polls open. That means Trump could win 31 of those rural, red states and he would still lose:

Electoral experts have, of course, come up with a whole slew of models, and in almost all of them, blue wins. The scenarios that would end in a Trump presidency include things like Massachusetts voting Republican. Not gonna happen. This map and the logic behind it seem almost too simple, but it is actually spot-on.

The race for Florida isn’t as cut and dry as New York Magazine makes it sound, however. Real Clear politics has the race down to a Clinton win with a mere 4 point spread. Numbers like those can change awfully quick.

Featured image by Bloomberg/Getty Images

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