WATCH: This Video PROVES Conservatives Are Lying About Bernie Storming Out Of Interview (VIDEO)

Critics of Bernie Sanders went into a feeding frenzy over a “scandalous” report of him prematurely ending an interview with a local news outlet in Arizona. He is currently being portrayed as “storming out” of it in a gruff and angry tizzy. The problem is, as with most mainstream media and Conservative “news” sources, that absolutely NONE of this is true, and the video below is iron-clad proof of this.

The derelictions of duty on the part of mainstream media, in this election cycle, are many and this is a GLARING example of it.

In an effort to get the “scoop” and blast a story over every social media outlet in existence first, most media outlets gave no f*cks on fact checking this – which watching the video below does brilliantly. The Washington Post led with the headline “Bernie Sanders Bolts From Interview With Arizona TV Reporter.” It’s a lie, and instead of correcting their original story, or pulling it all together, they listed a “correction” way down at the bottom.

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Bernie agreed to 4 minutes because he’s actively campaigning in Arizona. He didn’t have to agree to any, but he gave what he could spare. When 4 minutes were up he indicated it, and that was that. The reporter, who seemed to be a little arrogant, acted like this was somehow unprecedented in American history. Oh please… how many times have you seen people giving interviews then walking away as reporters hounded and barked questions at them? More times than anyone can remember.

When you see someone complaining about Bernie “avoiding questions,” or “running from interviews,” drop this one on them hard. They deserve it.

Watch a perfect example of how the mainstream and conservative media is NOT being truthful with us below:

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