WATCH: This Video Perfectly Illustrates How Stupid Gun Nut Arguments Sound To SANE People (VIDEO)

We all know how it goes. Every time there is some tragic case of gun mass murder, Republicans and other gun loving paranoid idiots say the same stuff over and over to avoid actually having to talk about how they make certain this happens in America every day. They are basically selfish children coming up with equally childish responses to the tragic, violent and unnecessary loss of human life.

One of the reasons you will never have a reasonable discussion with a Republican about gun violence is that they simply don’t care about it.

They are prepared for society to absorb literally any level of violence and death so they can cuddle their guns in bed at night.

They only worry about their gun toys, and get “early onset separation anxiety” if you talk about the concept of them not being able to buy a rocket launcher “for hunting.” Reasonable and normal people like the rest of us have a really hard time dealing with this, because of the absurdity that is the Republican thought process.

As a result, the only thing we are able to do is mock it publicly, which this video does in a simply brilliant manner.

Watch the video below that sums up exactly what every Republican sounds like, when they talk to a normal person about guns:

Featured image via Youtube screen capture

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