Watch This Video Of Chris Christie Falling Out Of His Chair, Because You Know You Want To (VIDEO)

Recently, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie ensured he will never win another election — ever — by publicly celebrating a Dallas Cowboys victory with Jerry Jones in the owner’s box.

“When the Cowboys are losing the last game of the year the last three seasons, not to make the playoffs, there’s nobody getting on social media giving me a hard time about being a Cowboys fan,” Christie said in defense of the celebration. “So we all know what this is about and that’s fine, it’s great, but believe me: I would take all the abuse that I’m taking from some of these folks in return for Cowboys playoffs wins.”

His constituents were not remotely happy to see him celebrating with the owner of any team that was not the New York Giants or Jets — or, at minimum, was not the Philadelphia Eagles.

Christie’s incredibly awkward, huggy, high-fivey bromance with the Cowboys owner prompted many to express their rage.


As part of sweet, sweet revenge on the Governor for celebrating the enemy’s success, SportsRadio 94WIP released a very special video clip from June: one that features the Governor falling out of his chair. As Christie was making his entrance, he perfectly mimicked any future political ambitions he might have had — and fell flat.


[Author’s Note: I don’t know about you, but I am going to sit here for the next hour, sip some Glenlivet, and watch this video on repeat.]

In 2011, colorlines publisher Rinku Sen said that establishment Republicans might consider Christie to be  “less obviously racist than the rest of the Republican presidential field” in the 2012 Presidential race. Though Christie opted not to run in 2012, he did ensure that conservatives would not confuse him for someone who isn’t a racist in 2013, when he called an African-American man “boy” during an argument at a Town Hall.

It is unclear if Christie will run in 2016, but we have a feeling this “chair” video will make for some hilarious attack ads during the GOP primaries, if he does.

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