Watch This Trump Apologist Melt Down When Another Conservative Asks One Simple Question

CNN’s resident Trump defender, Jeffrey Lord, has the very unenviable job of trying to explain the nonsense that constantly spews from the mouth of the presumptive GOP presidential nominee. His explanations and logic are usually so ridiculous that they could be easily shot down by any high school debate club member. But on June 7, Lord jumped into a defense of Trump’s attack on Judge Gonzalo Curiel that was so pathetic, even other conservatives on the panel called him out.

Trump has been attacking Curiel, who is presiding over a lawsuit against Trump University, for over a week, saying that he isn’t being treated fairly because of the judge’s “Mexican heritage.” But there is one simple question that has been on the minds of some people, and that question was asked by center-right talk show host Michael Smerconish during the CNN panel discussion.

There’s a question that Donald Trump can’t answer. Which is if he believes that this gentleman is biased against him, why hasn’t his legal team gone to court, followed the process and filed a recusal motion? The lawyers won’t touch it, and he has no response to that question.

It’s a simple, reasonable question. In a court setting, if one of the parties believes that the judge cannot rule impartially on the case at hand, that party has the right to request that the judge remove him or herself. But in the Trump University case there have been no moves in that direction.

That simple question set off Lord, and sent him spiraling into a pathetic 20-minute attempt to defend Trump’s attacks on Curiel. He tried everything — including bringing up the discredited nonsense that the Democratic Party is the party of racism because southern Democrats once supported segregation and the Klan. His babbling was so ridiculous that even conservative S.E. Cupp, who was seated next to him, laughed out loud at the nonsense he was spouting. Everybody on the panel, from conservatives Cupp and Smerconish to liberals Van Jones and Paul Begala rejected literally everything that came out of Lord’s mouth. You could almost feel sorry for the guy, except that he was defending Donald Trump.

And that simple question that started the whole discussion? Lord never even came close to answering it, because Michael Smerconish was right — there is no answer.

Here’s the segment, via CNN/Media Matters:


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