WATCH: This Texas Dad Passionately Defend His Gay Son Against Bigoted GOP Lawmakers (VIDEO)

A Texas father took the podium at the State House this week to oppose Bill 1745, that would allow the state to continue its discrimination against the LGBT community in the matter of same-sex marriages.

The bill basically allows the state to ignore the judicial branch of government when it doesn’t like the outcome of a court case.

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“Texas again shreds the constitution to safeguard the constitution” could easily have been the title of this article, but this man’s impassioned defense of his son and his partner is far more interesting than what is happening behind the scenes in the Texas Rick Perry champions.

Bigots will be bigots; they are intolerable. Richard Francis, the man defending his son, is a breath of fresh air in a chamber otherwise filled with hate. In his statement he said:

We attend First Methodist Church right here, I find it interesting these buildings are only a block apart. I go there and I hear love and I hear inclusion. I come to our Capitol and I hear exclusion, hate and bigotry. It bothers me.

It bothers us too, Mr. Francis. Thank you for your honest and brave words.

A Texas father defends his son against hateful bigoted Republicans.

Video Courtesy of Occupy Democrats | Image: Screen Capture

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