Watch This Painfully Clueless Man Tell Black Americans Why They Should Vote For Trump

It’s a simple fact: African-American voters overwhelmingly cast their ballots for Democrats. They understand which party’s policies affect their lives in a positive manner. They also understand that one party — the GOP — has, for most of the last 50 years been the home of those who want to stand in the way of black progress. Most black voters understand those things. But there are a few…

A young black man who identifies himself as “Dame” made a YouTube video explaining why he is supporting Donald Trump. (Apparently someone thinks that the video is a joke, because its YouTube category is listed as “comedy.” And it is funny, or it would be, if the topic wasn’t so damned serious.)

Dame starts out by explaining that he is African-American. A nod to the visually impaired? Then he explains that he is conservative, and says he is voting for “Donald J. Trump.” His reasons for that decision seem to be based on reciting the nonsense that comes from Trump surrogates like Jeffrey Lord, who appears regularly on CNN, and KCarl Smith, the owner of a site called Frederick Douglass Republicans.

This clueless conservative actually time travels back to the 19th century to point out that the Republican Party was opposed to slavery. Which is of course correct. However, even though they still like the moniker “the party of Lincoln,” today’s GOP bears little resemblance to the anti-slavery party of the 19th century. But Dame can’t be concerned with details like that. He proceeds with attacking modern Democrats over slavery and segregation. This is sort of like saying that the 2016 Baltimore Ravens will win the Super Bowl, because the 2012 Ravens did.

After lamenting that the 13th Amendment, which abolished slavery, was passed largely by Republican votes, Dame says that African-Americans who vote for Democrats are voting for the people who “wanted to keep the black community enslaved and wanted to keep them segregated.” Yes, he seriously goes back to the pre-Civil Rights Act days, and misses the realignment that law brought about in the two major parties, to blame Democrats for being the enemy of black Americans.

Then he pivots to Hillary. His first attack is one that Republicans have been using against the presumptive Democratic nominee for some time — that the Clinton Foundation takes money from countries that oppress women. It’s actually a genius move, to take money from a person or entity, and then use it to advocate for causes that person or entity opposes. But Dame doesn’t see it that way.

Next comes Benghazi! Dame recommends that everyone watch the Michael Bay movie 13 Hours “before you consider voting for Hillary Clinton.” Because to a Trump supporter, a semi-fictional retelling of a historical event always has more truth in it than multiple Republican-controlled congressional committees that have found no wrongdoing on the former Secretary of State’s part. He says that Hillary “didn’t send any help” to the “embassy” and “just let them die.” Except that it wasn’t an embassy, and Benghazi committee chairman Trey Gowdy conceded that there were no military assets that could have reached the compound in time to save anyone.

When he’s done with Hillary he turns his attention to Bernie’s proposal for free college tuition. Dame wants to know where the money is going to come from, and he describes horrors of Biblical proportions that will result from offering free tuition. Dame is obviously not old enough to remember that in some places, such as California, there was free tuition at state-run schools. That is until Republican Governor Ronald Reagan killed it.

Finally he gets around to Muslims. Dame lets it be known that he doesn’t have anything against Muslims, but he opposes terrorism (who doesn’t?). He says there are terrorists mixed in with “the migration that’s flooding into the United States right now.” Flooding? Fact Check says that the goal of the Obama administration is to take in up to 10,000 Syrians by the end of fiscal 2016 in October. So far we are nowhere close to that goal. Just to our north, Canada has already accepted some 25,000 refugees from the war-torn country.

Dame wraps up by saying that Trump has “solid” economic, national security and foreign policies. I guess it’s nice to see that at least one person thinks so.

Just like the man he is endorsing, this guy really has no clue — just a computer or cell phone, and an opinion.

Here’s the video, via YouTube:


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