Watch This Mash-Up Of Obama’s Most [email protected] Moments (VIDEO)

If there’s one thing that nobody (except Fox News) can deny, it’s that no other president in history has faced such a never-ending barrage of petty attacks and hate. Call it “Obama Derangement Syndrome” or “Baracknaphobia,” but Obama never stood a chance from day one.  Sen. Mitch McConnell made the Republicans’ mission very clear when he said that their number one priority was to make sure Obama was a “one term President.” But another thing — and this is important — that republicans can’t deny (they will) the President’s great sense of humor and original wit. As a comedian, I can personally say that he has great comedic timing and can always read a crowd.

It’s so hard to believe that he’s been in office for nearly eight years, as I remember meeting him on the campaign trail in 2008 like it were yesterday. Say what you will about the man’s policies (unless you’re Donald Trump) and positions on the issues, but one can’t deny he is probably the coolest president we will ever have. Well, maybe except for Abe Lincoln who wore a top hat at all times.

Watch this collection showing some of President Obama’s coolest moments:


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