WATCH: This Gun Control Commercial Will Break Your Heart And P*ss You Off (VIDEO)

In 2013, the year after the Sandy Hook massacre, Moms Demand Action released a video that pushes emotional boundaries on both sides of the gun issue. It seems to have caused a stir among gun nuts who feel the ad is ridiculous and that more guns are needed to protect out children when that’s clearly not the case. More gun restrictions, hell any gun restrictions at this point, are needed to help protect ourselves as well as our kids — everyone with a brain knows that.

It is far too easy for guns to fall into the wrong hands. No one is saying ban all guns, but there is no down side to a thorough background check (like Obama’s new executive orders demand) before purchasing firearms. It makes sense — unlike the ability for someone on the no fly list to be able to purchase a gun.

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Enough is enough. We can’t just sit idly by watching our children die from gun violence and assume that praying is enough; thoughts and prayers don’t bring our kids and family members back to life. It is simply not okay to let the lives lost in the recent massacres to be in vain. Maybe this shocking video is what is needed for some of us to realize, that by not pushing for stricter gun laws, you are simply giving up the fight. Which in turn, allows our children into the world with not only targets on their back, but the fear of not seeing tomorrow.

Here is the emotional ad:

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