WATCH: This Brilliant Video Shows Just How Crazy It Is For Women To Vote Republican (VIDEO)

Democrats are constantly plagued by a really frustrating question that seems to have no answer; Why do some women vote Republican? They know how much Republican men are constantly attacking their gender. Equal pay, control over their own bodies, you name it – if it helps women, Republicans are firmly against it.

Reasonable people can’t explain it. The only response possible is to depict it honestly and allow it to mock itself – something the following video does perfectly.

Funny Or Die brought together some celebrities to depict the exact truth of what it’s like for women to support Republicans in this absolutely brilliant video. They explain how they want government out of their lives, except when it comes to their own bodies.

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My right to choose? What about my right to chose to not have a choice?

If you have a female friend that has an irrational devotion to right-wingery, share it with them so they know what they sound like when they talk to you.

Watch the hilarious video below:

Featured image from video screen capture

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