WATCH: This Black New Yorker Loves Trump, Because ‘I’m In The Reality Business’ (VIDEO)

Several hundred protesters showed up in Manhattan on March 19 for a demonstration against Donald Trump. According to CBS New York the protesters moved from “from one skyscraper that bears [Trump’s] name to another” to register their disapproval of the xenophobia and racism that have become the hallmarks of the Trump presidential campaign.

But a reporter for the conservative site Breitbart News decided to ignore all of those people. Instead, he focused on talking to what appears to be the lone Trump supporter in attendance — a black man who apparently dragged his children out to the street with him on a chilly New York City day to show his love for “The Donald.”

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As the interview starts, another man walks behind the Trump fan and proclaims “This is the problem. Everybody wants to talk to the one Trump guy.” Then he moves into the background, and the Breitbart reporter asks the Trump supporter if he thinks that the “open border” with Mexico is causing black Americans to be “pushed out of the job market.” The man responds by saying,

Yes! Come to Harlem. There’s so much building going on in Harlem. I mean buildings are going up right now while we’re talking. And I got it documented, man. At every construction site in Harlem, you don’t see no blacks working.

The reporter asks him if he works in construction. “No, I’m not in construction,” he says. “I’m in the reality business.”

That’s classic conservative-speak. “Mexicans are taking black Americans’ jobs because I walked by a few construction sites in one place and didn’t see any black people working.” This is how the mind of a conservative works. Note that he didn’t say that he saw a lot of Hispanic workers — just that he didn’t see any black workers. Therefore the jobs that black workers should have been doing were being done by “Mexicans?”

Then the conversation moves to the anti-Trump protest. “What do you think of a protest like this?” the Breitbart reporter asks. The man responds that he thinks it is ridiculous, because “He [Trump] could be up there right now, looking up there, laughing. At the end of the day, you don’t know him. He don’t know you.”

A valid question at that point might have been, “So why are you out here holding a one-man counter protest?”

Next the man attacks the media, suggesting that much of what Trump has said has been taken out of context. That is followed by an attack on Rev. Al Sharpton.

Everybody runs to [Sharpton] like he speaks for black America. No he don’t.

The man says he is confused because Sharpton brought both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton to Harlem, and didn’t know for sure which of the candidates Sharpton is supporting. Of course he never mentions whether he has seen Trump, or any of the other GOP candidates in Harlem at all, with or without Sharpton.

During the brief interview, the man never mentions a single policy proposal that made him decide to back Trump. But he ends the conversation with this:

One thing I know for sure — Trump for president.

Here’s the video, via YouTube:

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