WATCH: The Republican Party Is Officially In A Civil War With Trump And This New Ad Proves It (VIDEO)

It’s finally official. Republicans have started rolling out anti-Trump attack ads against the person they fear more than Bernie and Hillary combined. 

“Our Principles PAC” has started running blistering attacks against the person who is currently hijacking the entire Republican party; Donald Trump. His collective bad behavior of violence, threats, racism and neo-nazi themes, is about to destroy Republicans and there doesn’t seem to be a thing they can do to stop it. 

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PAC official Tim Miller joined MSNBC for a brief interview detailing their purpose and reasons behind it.

It’s almost impossible to believe that this is a REPUBLICAN PAC, and yet they are saying these things. They practically sound Democratic in their criticism of Trump.

Miller points out all the obvious problems with Trump, from his racism to his encouragement of violence. The PAC is the last desperate response from an otherwise CLUELESS Republican leadership that has let the monster they created in 2008 grow until they couldn’t contain it any longer.

As it is now, even with all the negativity surrounding Trump, stopping his momentum seems about as likely as halting a speeding locomotive with a wet tissue. The ads are objectively very strong, but who do they think they will convert? Liberals are already not voting for Trump. Republicans are going to be in large numbers. Everything the GOP establishment tries to do to stop it only makes it worse.

We could be witnessing something historic; the bloodbath of the entire American Right-Wing.

Watch the new attack ads, and the comments from Our Principles PAC below:

Featured image via video screen capture

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