Watch This 1 Minute Anti-Trump Ad And See If You Can Keep From Laughing (VIDEO)

An enterprising Donald Trump hater had an absolutely tremendous idea! The idea was to “promote” Donald Trump’s campaign with the only thing that is worthy of being associated with Trump. The result is arguably the most accurate and hilarious political ad of 2016.

What could be the ideal thing to associate with Trump? Our video maker found literally the best thing ever to represent the Trump campaign.

The brilliance of it just can’t be understated. The “thing” that he decided to use is literally in every place in America, from big cities to small towns, so everyone can relate to it – plus it’s something that everybody hates! Just like Trump…

It’s probably the best representation of what America would look like after Trump “made it great again,” in every literal sense.

Watch the best minute of the 2016 election below:

Featured image via video screen capture

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