WATCH: These Trump Comments Will Make You Seriously Question The Man’s Sanity

When Donald Trump talks, you never know exactly what is going to come out of his mouth. Usually it’s a lot of vague ideas and policy proposals, with little detail and even less substance. But sometimes when the presumptive nominee of the GOP talks, you have to wonder whether he’s a few sandwiches short of a picnic. One of those occasions was his June 29 speech where he addressed trade.

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell looked at Trump’s comments on America’s trade deals, and came away wondering if the man truly has his wits about him. During a rambling address in Maine that would make Sarah Palin proud, Trump said that free trade was great. Then he said it was killing America. And when he talked about “doing deals” things got even worse, with the man who is current standard bearer of the party of Lincoln saying,

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I want great deals. I don’t care if they’re free. I don’t care if they’re fair. I don’t care if they’re good. I don’t care if they’re horrendous. I just want great deals.

O’Donnell observes,

That is Donald Trump’s incoherence at full throttle. That is the level of gibberish that makes mental health professionals question Donald Trump’s mental health. He begins by saying ‘I’m all for free trade.’  He then says ‘free trade is killing us.’

…Then he says a great deal can be ‘horrendous.’ Think about that. It can be horrendous, and still be a great deal. He thinks the word ‘great’ and ‘horrendous’ are the same word.

At this point it’s hard to say exactly what Trump thinks about much of anything, other than his apparent belief that Donald J. Trump is the most wonderful person on earth. And if you carefully parse his words, as O’Donnell did in this segment, you come away realizing that most of the time when he talks, he really isn’t saying anything. He appears to be speaking just to hear himself, and like a word association test gone horribly awry, he will say the first things that pop into his head.

We knew Palin lowered the bar for Republican candidates, but with Trump, it appears the GOP has actually laid the bar on the ground.

Here are Trump’s insane comments about trade, and Lawrence O’Donnell’s take on what he said, via MSNBC:

Featured image via MSNBC screen capture

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