WATCH: These Attack Ads Destroy Trump With His Own Ignorant Words

Donald Trump has the “BEST” words. His words are just so good. His best words are so awesome that they are being used against him in new attack ads.

Priorities USA, the top pro-Clinton super PAC, plans on spending $130 million on ads across battleground states in the general election.  MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show previewed the initial round of attack ads on Monday evening.

The first of the ads hits Trump on the hateful and sometimes creepy things he has said about women. It shows a man standing with his daughter and saying the Republican candidate’s infamous line about dating his daughter if she weren’t his daughter. You are left with a really icky feeling after the father mouths Trump’s words. The ad shows women lip-syncing along with Trump and at the end a voice asks:

Does Donald Trump really speak for you?

The second ad is a mash-up of interviews with the GOP nominee in it saying many of the things that were in the first ad, but it also hits him for his controversial abortion comments. The end of the ad declares:

Donald Trump is wrong for us.

Of course, Donald Trump has seen the ads and got all sorts of butthurt. He did the presidential thing and went on Twitter to slam Hillary Clinton and also prove that he has no idea how super PAC ads work:

First, Hillary Clinton did not “do a hit ad,” an independent super PAC did. The super PAC and Clinton campaign do not strategize with one another, it is against the law. Second, Trump continues to bring up the Monica Lewinski thing as if it says something about Hillary. He clearly does not understand that we 1) Americans already proved that they didn’t care twenty years ago and 2) she wasn’t the one who had an affair. I don’t know if Donald knows this, but Bill Clinton is not running for office. So attacking President Clinton for his personal baggage (from TWENTY years ago) just makes the Republican nominee look weak and scared.

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