WATCH: The White House Just Spanked Dick Cheney For A Decade And A Half Of Lies (VIDEO)

Dick Cheney may be the world’s most hypocritical public figure. After puppeteering Dubyah into a war in Iraq for sheer profit with no exit strategy, Cheney has the audacity to criticize our president for seeking peace.

Over the past few weeks, Cheney has been an outspoken and staunch opponent of the Iran nuclear deal, dishing out false accusations of national security issues and blatant lies about how the Iranians began their proliferation program to begin with.

In the past, the Obama administration was content to sit back and take this kind of abuse, knowing that in the end the opinion of a blowhard like Cheney made no difference anyway. He’s a war profiteer who will say or do anything to have Halliburton on the front lines of no-bid contracts once again.

Kudos to President Obama and his administration for not taking the kind of abuse Cheney likes to hand out. His nasty scowl and condescending tone are obviously no match for the truth.

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Watch Dick Cheney take a pounding from the White House for being a war mongering liar.

Featured image via video screen capture

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