Watch ‘The Very First, Official Video’ Of Hillary Clinton’s Campaign For President (VIDEO)

Everyone knew the response would be coming today that Hillary Clinton would be announcing her bid for President. This much was already leaked previously to the public. What we were told is that a special video over social media would be given, instead of a speech, which is typically how candidates first start of the race for President.

Hillary kept her message short, giving a hint that she was up to the challenge of showing America that she was willing to work hard to win your vote. Instead of just using rhetoric, she released the video and wasted no time by immediately saying on Twitter:

I’m hitting the trail to earn your vote. Headed to Iowa.

This, no doubt, is likely to give the impression that she is ready to talk face to face with voters, instead of merely standing on a stage behind a podium, or hiding in a room only to be announced as the Democratic Party’s nominee by default. Maybe she’s on to something here, since Americans are, in fact, ready to connect with Hillary, not knowing exactly what she is wanting to do yet. In the video she used the phrase:

Every day Americans want a champion, and I want to be that champion.

Watch Hillary’s first campaign video:

H/T: Hillary Clinton | Featured Image: You Tube Screen Capture

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